Registration Open

Dear Indigenous Language Writers,

Words of the People is delighted to invite you to attend our inaugural Indigenous language gathering and workshop this October 26-29, 2022 at the Tulsa Artist Fellowship’s Archer Studios. Registration is now open!

WTP Gathering is offered in collaboration with the Institute of American Indian Arts and the Tulsa Artist Fellowship with support from the Mid-America Arts Alliance and the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation. The purpose of the Gathering is to support Indigenous languages through writing and storytelling, and to bring together speakers to gain practice in their languages. The Gathering will follow the Neustadt World Literature Festival at the University of Oklahoma to promote worldwide connection through Indigenous languages and translations. To secure your spot at the Gathering, you can now register at the Institute of American Indian Arts’ Continuing Education course listings page. Classes range from $15 to $30, and are accredited as continuing education. Participants can select up to two workshops, as the course offerings are two days long (allowing you to attend two in total over the four days of the Gathering).

WTP Gathering is proud to provide accredited workshops at a low-cost, and we are looking into the possibility of scholarships in the near future, to cover travel expenses. At this time, we recommend that attendees plan their own travel and lodging, and we will write soon with an application and instructions for receiving need-based hardship reimbursements. If for any reason you are not able to consider attending in person, please know all classes will be available digitally via Zoom. Laura Da’s class is specifically designed for remote learners, and will last all four days of the workshop. Beth Piatote will offer her two-day workshop digitally as well, while Zêdan Xelef, Ofelia Zepeda and Manny Loley will teach in person, with remote learners joining via Zoom. Look for new faculty announcements soon.

We expect to have the majority of writers in person, as the presence of our faculty, visiting publishers, readings and attending writers will allow for many meaningful connections, conversations and shared memories. Each workshop is limited to ten participants total, so don’t wait to register! If you are ready to make plans to travel to Tulsa, please feel free to request the special “Guest of the Tulsa Artist Fellowship” rate at the Fairfield Inn & Suites, which is one block away from the Gathering’s location at Archer Studios. And if you have any questions, please write to me at

Looking forward to seeing you soon, and hearing your language.

With gratitude,

Chelsea T. Hicks

WTP Organizer


Ofelia Zepeda | Register

Beth Piatote | Register

Laura Da’ | Register (Digital Only)

Zêdan Xelef | Register

Manny Loley | Register

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